Monday, April 8, 2013

Some Thoughts

As a former cleaning and restoration company owner, I’ve done thousands of jobs. As a partner at Clean as a Whistle, Houston, I trained and managed technicians and oversaw the care and feeding of 12 service trucks and the equipment that goes with it.

The better manager I became, the better my company operated. I didn't start out being good, but after a lot of effort and study I ended up.......pretty good. (and modest!)

There's no situation, that I teach, that I haven't done, myself. A one truck operator, working alone, a one truck operator, with an assistant. 2 or 3 trucks, with help or 12 trucks, managing technicians, not doing the physical work. Carpet and oriental rug cleaning. Drapery and upholstery cleaning. Ceramic tile and hard surface maintenance as well as a major focus on flood restoration.
When I teach it, I can visualize it, because I've "been there, done that."

Twelve years ago, when I started teaching, part time, while running Clean as a Whistle, I realized this was something I enjoyed.

One of my biggest joys is meeting someone at a Convention or someone returning to a different class telling me, “I did what you said, and I want to shake your hand. Thank -You.”

I certainly didn’t do everything perfect, in my career, but maybe that helps. I know, something, about what not to do! 

I’ve had the honor of working with some really high level people like Howard Partridge, Jim Bardwell, Scott Zack and others. You can’t be around these people, very long, without a whole lot of positive rubbing off. 
I worked with them for almost 10 years.

People ask me, “Aren’t you tired of all the travel and sleeping in Hotels?” My answer….”NO!” I still love to fly and enjoy Hotels and eating out at Restaurants.

My wife and I still go out to eat, often and enjoy some travel.

I still have that “like to make things look good” urge, so I satisfy that working on my yard, at home. 
It used to make my day when someone said to me, “Wow that's great!” Actually......... it still does!
I’ve always said that the best service providers are those who like to make others happy. 
PS ….there’s good money in it!. 

The more you make others happy, the happier you will be ........... not only for the money.

I love it when people who are very knowledgeable in the class I’m doing, attend. I try not to ever do a class without learning something, about that subject, I didn’t know before, from the students. That being said, always research, what you learn. Verify that it’s correct. Especially, if you are an instructor!

I never thought I could do something I loved to do, this much, and get paid for it.

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